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Light in the Dark
5 November 2009

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21 October 2009

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30 September 2009

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Let's Start...
28 September 2009

Recent Comments

Amirhosein Azarbakht on Dariush Grand Hotel, Kish Island

flyingwind风飞扬 on Dariush Grand Hotel, Kish Island
I had thought it was a historic relics before reading the title! Great ambience!

flyingwind风飞扬 on Flowers
An elegant collection of so beautiful pink flower family!!!

Samin on Dariush Grand Hotel, Kish Island
glorious symmetry!

Amirhosein on Nowruz Shopping, Sattarkhan St.
smells like joy

Amirhosein on Let's Start...
چه حس خوبی میده

masuod on Is it Blue?
nice may be in lost time be blue

Peyman on Is it Blue?
where is blue Sky really?!

Mindi on Flowers
This is beautiful!!!

Monique on Is it Blue?
Above the clouds is always a blue sky ;) Beautiful golden tones in this photo Payam!

TalaDabiri on Nowruz Shopping, Sattarkhan St.
in ertefaaaaaaa shote kheli khobi shode..nakhase

TalaDabiri on Roshankooh
etefaghan mna fek miknam..dargiriu ba aramesh kenare ham neshon mide

TalaDabiri on Ab-o-Atash Park, Tehran
bishtar az esmesh khosham omad...tarhet kheli jalebe

pedro alexandre on Light in the Dark
very abstract image, i like the orange colors

Amir on Light in the Dark
پیام جان ایده های بسیار جالبی داری تبریک میگم

Sussi on Light in the Dark
Mysterious and nice picture!

Erika on Light in the Dark
Wow! Just amazing photo. It's so plain, but everyone understands what it is. I love it!

dideban on Light in the Dark
عکاسی با جسارتی ست/ هوشمندانه و زیباست

Shahryar on Light in the Dark
interesting shot ;)

Alivia on Light in the Dark
light in the night .. a candle to guide us in the orange hues warm.

Sriram on Flowers

Erika on Ab-o-Atash Park, Tehran
Wow! Great shot. So much light and motion:)

masoud on Flowers
nice colour and good frame ! you have beautiful portfolio

Peyman on Flowers
Good color, tnx

Curly on Flowers
Beautiful strong colours!

Masoud Nahali on Roshankooh
A creative idea, but I prefer a man without speaking with mobile here.

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